What They Said About Love

solo performance · steve budd presents · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 20, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

The intelligence of the structure, his facility with the characters, and his use of the mundane to communicate things that could be overly sentimental. (ex: the plastic clothes tags!!).

What I didn't like

I’m only saying these thing because I literally give these notes for a living!: With all the light changes, I would let the lights switch first at the end of a character’s scene and THEN let your character switch. So that there’s sort of this mechanical controller god thing happening that you are just at the mercy of. I think it would look cleaner than YOU changing changing characters first and then the lights going off that and trying to catch up to you. So: they would go, and then you would go.
I would also set some of the early Chuaha (sp!!) stuff a little more upstage. It felt a bit too close to the audience for me.
But otherwise, it was all working well!

My overall impression

Super solid and enjoyable one man show! Great narrative and theatrical structure. Steve Budd did a lovely job inhabiting so many different nuanced characters. He also had the great smarts to combine lofty moments/ideals/dialogue with very specific mundane details. That kept the show with the BIG SUBJECT of LOVE from being treacly. I also very much related to half of the details in the content! Great show!

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