The [ ] Box

ensemble theatre · the alliance of los angeles playwrights (alap) · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 23, 2017 not born yesterday
tagged as: comedy · Irony · Versatlity · short plays · Originals

What I liked

My favorites were Roy Cohn meeting with the Devil, the Big Brother Box in a Park, the Box of Sweet Memories and The Dog that Inherited Millions.

What I didn't like

I realized later the plays were in order on the program, but I wish the musician could have said the title before each play so I wouldn’t have been consulting it each time.

My overall impression

Here are 6 plays that show how differently creative people come up with stories.The task was to write a 10 minute play with a box as focus and they range from poignant to acidic to camp, so there is something for everyone. By using four superbly versatile actors, there was a nice balance to each playlet that enabled the performer to strut their stuff. Holding it all together is guitarist Brian Katz. Director Dan Berkowitz demonstrates how seemingly simple plays can be brightened up with imaginative staging, ranging from naturalistic in one play to hi-style comedy in another.

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