Morna Murphy Martell

I’ve been in theater all my life, first as an actor on Broadway, then as a writer/director in the original Off-Off- Broadway movement. I’ve had plays done in the West End, New York, Wash DC, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Ohio and, just this year, in Austin, TX. My one-woman show HARRIET TUBMAN HERSELF is in its 9th year touring the East Coast. I directed outdoor Shakespeare in Manhattan for 10 years before moving to Hollywood four years ago. I love the Fringe because theater flourishes best without gate-keepers making judgments on what deserves to be produced. Bravo to all who participate! I was the Broadway Critic for The Hollywood Reporter in the ’80’s and now I review theater for monthly newspaper NOT BORN YESTERDAY and also my blog: Theatre Spoken Here. I do not call myself a critic, I describe what I see and the reader can decide if that’s their kind of show or not. In theater, it’s all good!

Cirque du Giselle

Cirque du Giselle is a dark & tragic love story of deceit, heartbreak, consequences, & redemption – where love eventually triumphs over vengeance from the grave & beyond. Brought to life on the stage in a swirl of aerial & cirque magic!

"Naked Onstage"

"Naked Onstage" is a humorous (yet subtly profound) look at life, secrets, race, age, family, relationships, dumb sh*t people say and much much more! Kent's unique perspective is unexpected yet perfectly timed for 2019.