ensemble theatre · independent · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 04, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: historical · ensemble cast · intense

What I liked

A very clever way of dramatizing and fictionalizing the characters in making this a play. It gave just the right amount of historical context to get the piece moving. Really important subject matter and it truly shows how organized religion has been arguing since the dawn of time. Has such great context to this very day.

What I didn't like

Scene changes absolutely killed the pace of the show. There was no need for any of them. All of the pieces could live on stage to not break up the flow. The momentum of this quick written, fast paced drama was put to a screeching halt. It is indeed a wordy play and we need the words to flow. I hope this is addressed by opening night. Cues also need to be picked up at top and during scenes. I did indeed see a preview though and know these adept actors will tighten up.

My overall impression

Very important ideas and a great telling of how organized religion has been arguing since it began. It is something that still holds true for today. I saw a preview and the scene changes need to be worked on so hopefully they will be fixed by opening night. Kelton Lin opening the show is delightful. Give that kid one of the podiums. Fun to watch.

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