Confessions of an Arab Woman

immersive theatre · nw productions · Ages 17+ · United States of America

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June 18, 2017 the chamberpot

What I liked

I liked the leading actress, Cynthia Yelle a lot. I liked the writing.

What I didn't like

The directing didn’t work for me – all of the impulses were strong but the execution was weak.

The stage was too small for what they were trying to accomplish, the casting was un-even and the design elements looked Halloween-ish.

Ngham Wehbe is billed as Playwright/Director/Producer. I think it would behoove the production (if it moves forward) for her to hire an outside director with a lot of theatre directing experience who can collaborate with her and help bring her exciting vision to life.

My overall impression

This was a feminist, theatrical and poetic exploration of women in the Arab world – very insightful, interesting, complicated and informative.

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