Confessions of an Arab Woman

immersive theatre · nw productions · Ages 17+ · United States of America

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RANDA WAHBE certified reviewer June 15, 2017
tagged as: powerful · moving · inspiring
The play still resonates with me: the empowerment of Joumana, of Arab women, of ALL women.... full review
FAY FTOUNI certified reviewer June 25, 2017
This is my second time watching Confessions of An Arab Woman and I absolutely love it. I feel everyone can relate to this play on so many levels. It's a big eye opener to how women feel in the Middle East especially. I would definitely watch it for the third time. ... full review
MARC EL KHOURY certified reviewer June 11, 2017
My overall impression , you should watch it to see how women in the middle east can change the world and how much struggle the delt with!... full review
JAIRUS STEED certified reviewer June 11, 2017
This was both entertaining and educational!... full review
BIJAN BAHMANI certified reviewer June 15, 2017
Finally, in a time where white feminism flirts with supporting imperialist women in power, this work highlights the importance of intersectionality and solidarity that listens to the voice of those it claims to support.... full review
DANNY SHEHAYEB certified reviewer June 17, 2017
It was a thought-provoking, intense, passionate display of the barriers that needed to be overcome regarding the image of what a traditional Arab woman was supposed to be. I was very impressed by the way the story was told and the performers were engaging and fun to watch. I was definitely amazed by it! ... full review
STEVE MADAR certified reviewer June 18, 2017
tagged as: fun · dance
This was a fun show that provided a little seen perspective from women in the Arab world that upends stereotypes and provides great context. ... full review
CAITLIN HART the chamberpot certified reviewer June 18, 2017
This was a feminist, theatrical and poetic exploration of women in the Arab world - very insightful, interesting, complicated and informative. ... full review
JASMINE WALKER certified reviewer June 18, 2017
Watching this play is a transformative experience. The view through a micro lens provides the audience with a glimpse of the struggles of an Arab woman, as she goes from youth through adulthood. The viewers are taken on a journey and exposed to some of the ideologies and cultural norms placed on Arab women. Through a macro lens, the viewers are forced to take a deeper dive and realize that while this play focuses on the life of Joumana Haddad, we can all relate to the struggles of the character in one way or another. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 24, 2017
Loved it! The energy of the actors, the director's creative choices, the musical/dance moments that were so engaging and how I could see all the love that it was put into this piece by the cast and the ones behind the scenes.... full review