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one person show world premiere
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WILLIIAM JOSEPH HILL uncertified reviewer June 01, 2017
I was thoroughly entertained and moved by Jennie's sharing of her relationship with her mother. It was funny, touching, and made me think of my own relationships with my family. Tom Cavanaugh's direction gave these stories a wonderful through-line that wraps everything up in a poignant ending that was amazing! No spoilers, you really have to see this show!... full review
KARA CHRISTENSEN certified reviewer June 01, 2017
Loved this experience!... full review
ERNIE CHARLES certified reviewer June 01, 2017
I loved the moment a secret was revealed during this show, which grabbed me by surprise. An entertaining show that made me laugh and moved to emotion. Thank you for the roller coaster ride.... full review
FAITHE RAPHAEL certified reviewer June 02, 2017
The performance screams "HBO Special"! Not to be missed during Hollywood Fringe June 10th - June 24th.... full review
CHRISTINE DITILLIO uncertified reviewer June 02, 2017
Jennie Fahn, Tom Cavanaugh and John T. Mickevich got together and created something beautiful. A one woman show that makes you laugh one moment and brings on tears the next. Bonus! - a very funny song and dance number. The story is hysterically funny and heartbreaking at the same time. That is due to the stellar acting chops and highly skilled directing of Jennie and Tom. I 'm not sure who exactly wrote the piece but it flows smoothly from one topic to the next. You're in for a 'crazy' ride for sure. I would highly recommend this show to anyone attending Fringe.... full review
ROBERT DITILLIO certified reviewer June 06, 2017
tagged as: touching · funny · moving · hilarious · one-person-show
A beautiful, moving and hilarious performance by Jennie Fahn makes this show a Fringe must see.... full review
LAUREN SIMON certified reviewer June 06, 2017
What a wonderful show! Jennie Fahn is a powerhouse on stage. As the first show to open Hollywood Fringe '17 for me, Under The Jello Mold could not have been more perfect. Jennie pulled me into her world with her mother and I was enthralled. What sort of person leaves post-mortem instructions "under the Jello mold"? Masterfully directed by Tom Cavenaugh, Jennie tells her story with flair, highly entertaining characterizations, so much humor, depth of emotion and even song and dance. And surprises! I both laughed so hard and was so deeply moved! Captivating, hilarious and poignant! A must-see show. Go see it.... full review
WHIT SPURGEON certified reviewer June 10, 2017
If you haven't already, make sure you make reservations to see Jennie Fahn in "Under The Jello Mold" at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. A deeply moving and funny performance, ably directed by Tom Cavanaugh. Fahn is a loose and honest actor, the kind that puts the audience at ease, and she has an impeccable natural sense of comedic timing. She manages to make everyone laugh as well as cry a little in this just-right 1-hour one-person show. It's one of those performances that directors or agents see and say, "I want to work with HER." ... full review
DEBORAH ROSS certified reviewer June 10, 2017
I'll see others at the Fringe, but I'm coming back to see "Under the Jello Mold!"... full review
NIKKI MULLER certified reviewer June 10, 2017
tagged as: Authentic · Beautiful · hilarious · fun · touching · personal · solo
This heartfelt solo show is 80% laugh out loud comedy, 20% heartwrenching truth. Jennie performs all characters with clarity and dexterity-- unlike less refined productions, here, it was never unclear when Jennie was playing herself, her mother, or a variety of other characters, and it was often possible to lose myself in the story, forgetting it was one woman telling it. It was often hilarious, with the personality of the characters and liveliness truly coming through, which made the more poignant moments all the more impactful. Upon later reflection, I'm even more impressed with the masterful storytelling-- what feels like a very natural, organic unraveling of perhaps unrelated anecdotes later reveals a deeper purpose for each within a gre... full review