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Evolution of a Kiss

theatre · la picara productions · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States

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GLEN JIMENEZ June 10, 2011
Ms. Brinkman's performance was mezmerizing and enchanting. From the streets of Puebla Mexico to San Diego, I was completely engaged in the story ... And when she Pulls the audience in, you're hooked into these biopic tales or each first kiss. With a Spanish language infusion and detailed translations, you are captivated by each woman's memory, taking you back to your first kiss. Cynthia captured my heart and held it through the entire show. And her comedic timing ... Let's just say that I thought I was watching a Mexican Kristen Wiig performing. Lorne Michaels need not look too far to replace Wiig when she departs SNL. Cynthia is ready to take her place.... full review
KIMLEIGH SMITH June 13, 2011
What an amazing journey! This show is truly a MUST SEE! From the moment Cynthia steps on to the stage you are ready for what ever she brings your way and you can't keep your eyes off of her! I was mesmerized! This show is magical, sexy, funny and truly touching! It gave me butterflies! ... full review
DANA MURPHY June 14, 2011
Cynthia is a joy to watch from start to finish! She charms you completely. I left the theatre feeling as though I had just had a particularly enjoyable and entertaining heart to heart with an old friend. ... full review
Evolution is a beautiful story told by a great storyteller. Brinkman is completely present, talking to her audience and letting us into the private lives of these three generations of women's first kisses. She and her director crafted the material and people she portrays with a gentle ferocity, immediately connecting the audience to their stories. I cannot say enough of her performance. Brinkman didn't just change voices or intentions or how she was dressed, she seemed to change her soul for each character. Something new and different and vibrant appeared behind her eyes for everyone in the script, which helped the audience move right along with her, even talking back and feeling the freedom to sing along with her transition music. "E... full review
Evolution of a Kiss was written, performed, and directed beautifully. The level of this one woman show really impressed me. Cynthia's character work was fantastic. Her work was very specific and made each character pop to life. She was adorable, funny, and witty. This show is absolutely relatable, I am pretty sure she made the entire audience blush at her preview. I think one thing that really sets this show aside was the fantastic collaboration with her director. This shows direction was very clear and specific, and the same goes for the arch of the show. You really felt like each woman Cynthia portrayed was your new best friend. How could you not fall in love with each one? I would recommend this show for sure.... full review
JCAT197 JCAT197 June 17, 2011
Laughed my rebozo off!... full review
BETH MEGILL June 15, 2011
Loved this upbeat storytelling of three first kisses! Brinkman transforms herself effortlessly between characters and disarms the audience with her sincerity and authenticity of performance. And overall pleasure! Well paced and directed. ... full review
TANYA PEREZ June 21, 2011
Totally love this very funny and very loving piece about getting that first kiss. She is so completely engaging from start to finish that you leave wanting more! GO!!!... full review

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