Trixie: The Musical

musicals and operas · decker dellorusso productions · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 27, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Emily was incredible as Trixie; she took you along for the ride and made you feel all the emotions she was going through. I loved her final song and would have loved to hear her sing more. Another great part was Adam and Sean during the Anxiety & Depression scene in the morphsuits. Absolutely hilarious and probably my favorite part of the show. Chris’s song at the end of the show was so beautiful and you really felt for him as well.

What I didn't like

I wish the music had been a little louder, the songs were great but I wanted to hear it better. And this was no fault of the actors, but whatever show was going on next to and above the space that Trixie was performed in were so loud it completely took you out of the show. And right when things were getting really deep, there would be loud banging that would go on for minutes. It was really frustrating and I felt really bad for the actors because there was nothing they could do about that. But the studio needs to be aware that it’s a MAJOR issue.

My overall impression

What a great show that shows the depths of mental illness and brings a twist you never see coming all while bringing some fun music and great acting!

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