Trixie: The Musical

musicals and operas · decker dellorusso productions · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 19, 2017
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What I liked

Whatever crap you’re going through this show will resonate. Walking away I had the same feeling as when I talk to a close friend who’s convinced me everything will be OK. Every cast member has taken an already funny script and injected more humor with their performance. The show is worth seeing Depression and Anxiety fight eachother on stage. Emily Decker’s transformation stunned me. The glitziness of the opening number was pitch perfect. You don’t see it coming when the show seamlessly transitions into something more emotionally charged. At that point Decker’s performance becomes raw and real. It is hard to resolve a show with a good ending, but Trixie nails the landing.

What I didn't like

nothing. Seriously nothing.

My overall impression

Many Fringe shows feel like a workshop or first draft of a production. Trixie is among the few that feels fully formed and pretty much perfect. It starts as a ridiculous musical with glitter and ribbon dancing, then slowly transcends the schmaltz to a cathartic and emotional ending. The humor hits on many different levels, ranging from corny/over-the-top to very human moments where the audience is cringing at the familiarity. It’s an extremely satisfying show and is worth seeing multiple times as the whole cast are a treat to watch and have their own humorous moments in the background while the main action happens.

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