The Tomb

ensemble theatre · 1962 productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 06, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

What a great mood piece. So far the best show I’ve seen at the Fringe to include acting/sound effects/ lighting to create a mood. It’s the true story of a Saint who lived in his father’s tomb looking for a sign from Jesus/God. The lights and sound effects were really amazing in creating time and mood. The sound of the rock being rolled away and then when it was put back that whufst of air and that creepy enclosed moan. Amazing. Anthony was a really committed actor and his intensity was palpable. We really got inside his head.

What I didn't like

The lighting effects were so great in the beginning but seemed to peter out at the end. The final moment was way too abrupt and lights out. It felt like it ended before it ended. I wanted to know more about what The Saint came up with. I think it was just his revelation but I wanted more. Also I sat in the front row and he was quite good but I fear half of his lines were missed by most of the audience. VOLUME is an issue especially with the sound effects.

My overall impression

PREVIEW PERFORMANCE: Intense interesting show that really gives you a clear feeling of what it was like to be in a Tomb. Lots of interesting historical info told in a dramatic and thought provoking way. Fantastic performance by lead actor. Needs to up the volume by opening. Sound effects/acting/lighting are all a beautiful blend of mood and place.

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