Kinsherf's Coat

immersive theatre · splash of wallace · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere

Every theatre-goer contributes to it. It doesn’t exist without them. We arrive at the venue. We take our seats and leaf through the playbill. We reflect upon the architecture of the room, or study the stage set, anticipating the play that lay ahead. We chat with our companion and scan the crowd for familiar faces, taking note of the house music from time to time.

And then the lights go down and the moment changes. You won’t get that moment back again. Intermission is a different beast, a different head space, motivated by the competing forces of bladder and thirst. The curtain call has been choreographed. It’s the most artificial part of any play, when both sides of the footlights are at their least organic.

Only the pre-show is pure. And since the Greeks, it has been a steady part of our tradition. That final breath before something happens.

Kinsherf’s Coat is an experiment that explores that experience.We hope you’ll join us. It’s the only part of any play that can’t happen without you there.

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Production Team

brittany blouch *

scenic designer

diane dwyer *

scenic designer

* Fringe Veteran