Five Uneasy Pieces

theatre · devoted, inc. · Ages 15+ · United States

one person show

“As both the writer and the performer, Waring demonstrates an advanced ability to explore extremes with a range that is to be envied. Separated by little more than an accompanist on the upright bass (Lyman Medeiros), each character is wildly different and instantly accessible.
While the phrase “tour-de-force” gets thrown around a lot in theater reviews, it fits quite nicely while watching Waring on stage. His ability to instantly throw himself into each of the characters keeps the audience engaged and excited. Add the intimate setting of the Elephant Space and you have one heck of a theater experience”—

The pieces:

AUNT RUTH – A woman who knows that tattoos are not the measure of a man.
ART TEACHER – A teacher who confuses art and life.
CYRIL – A babysitter who needs watching over.
BONEY – A homeboy whose good thing goes bad.
START PRAYIN – A Special Ops asset gets more than what he prays for.
Bonus: MR. FRENCH – A Jacques Brel knock-off with a little something less.

The Elephant Space-
Santa Monica Blvd. 1 block west of Vine.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran