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OVER THERE: Comedy Is His Best Weapon

theatre · 60 miles north productions · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States

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ROY ASHEN June 20, 2011
This is an amazing show and a truly brilliant performance by PJ Walsh. His story is captivating and inspiring. Highly Recommended! ... full review
GAIL ENGVALL June 18, 2011
Great show!! PJ takes you along on his unusual, comedic, winding road to being an entertainer. He allows the audience a peek into Catholic schools, the military, the White House and Hollywood as he matures from smart aleck kid to successful performer. Walsh learned early on that words can have power, and he uses his words effectively to keep the audience laughing, while in the end showing them what really matters in life.... full review
TATIANA GOLUB June 19, 2011
Brilliant, fantastic one man show. PJ Walsh takes you on a journey of his life and makes you think, laugh, cry, feel. Highly recommend it to all my friends. ... full review
BRENNA KELLY June 20, 2011
The authenticity and gut truth/hilarity of PJ's performance is unsurpassed. I love this show!!! Having seen it both in NYC and LA, I recommend it to everyone! This is quality theatre at its finest. Congratulations PJ on telling your story with originality, transparency and courage. ... full review
MEREDITH MYERS June 18, 2011
As Head Librarian and Comedian at, it is my job to share information that is both hilarious, while educational, and PJ Walsh has always been a funny guy so seeing him perform stand-up comedy is a given. However, with this one-man show, Walsh DANCES! And I don't mean the idiotic electric slide, I mean full-on Riverdance and a Windmill! And as someone who once did a dance show and attempted to breakdance for "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo star Lucinda Dickey, Walsh is awesome! And then he followed that up with like 20 push ups during the military portion of the show. Walsh is a maniac (and obviously extremely fit in his white t-shirt, ladies...) But don't just go for the dance moves, the hilarity of his stories, or t... full review
The journey that PJ Walsh takes from catholic school to the "scared son of a bitch" who enlists at 18 to The White House to Star Search and then back Over There, reminds all of us how lucky and honored we are to have the brave and men and women, like he and his friends, protecting us and our way of life. He moves seamlessly, inspiring belly laughs at his eighth grade teacher and the woman who kicks him off Star Search to the serious and somber moments of riding in a C-130 plane with a soldier's coffin. And his lord of the dance and windmill moves are not to be missed. This show is what theater should be... laughter, tears and a story that shouldn't be missed.... full review
CAROLINE SHARP June 18, 2011
Moving, heartfelt and way funnier than the subject matter has any reason to expect to be. We are a country at war right now, but we aren't living like it. PJ's story is a vital reminder about what our men and women in uniform do for us. Go see it!!... full review
TODD WARING June 25, 2011
This is a talented comic and mimic, who has an important story to tell, though you wouldn't know it at first. His buoyant charm mixed with a muscular and rapid-fire performance are the perfect setup for an honest emotional punchline that you don't see coming. His casual skillfulness is absorbing and admirable to watch. ... full review
K M certified reviewer June 20, 2011
PJ Walsh is a discovery and a delight. Everyone left the theatre swooning over him. Every Mom would be so lucky to have a son like him. Every lady would be fortunate to have an Officer and a Gentleman like PJ. PJ's one man show is bold, ballsy, refreshing and transparent. I loved the musical journey. I loved his autobiography. And how everything fell into place for him so unexpectedly! It is fun, profound, informative & enjoyable for all ages & backgrounds. I am very impressed that he put this all together. And hope that PJ continues to share his story with as many folks as possible. He has a real heart for servicemen and their families. This show could be a great tool. Friday June 24th and Sunday June 26th are YOUR chances to see... full review

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