Full Frontal Music

cabaret & variety · full frontal music productions · Ages 17+ · United States

one person show

Written and Performed by James Schneider
Directed by Viorica Baln

If Only I Liked Strippers. The PeniFesto. The rollicking Tranny in a Tree. With original songs and monologues like these, Sex and the Modern Man is at a crisis point. What’s to be done? Sing original, bluesy pop songs (for starters), and share some stories from the trenches of Guyville.

FULL FRONTAL MUSIC is a show of mature, at times satirical, songs and monologues that explore how a Dad regains his Guyhood without being a weenie. But this ain’t no lecture. This is more a live concept album exposing and revealing the humor and challenges of Modern American Man. And that’s not always pretty. While the show does not use profanity nor nudity, it is, nonetheless, unafraid to unload some under-documented realities.

Cushioning the blow are songs that offer a pastiche of pop - evoking the passion, storytelling and musicality of Ben Folds, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello and Randy Newman.

One Man. One Piano. One Show for Mature Theatre-Goers; not just guys. All are welcome at FULL FRONTAL MUSIC. Many of the individual pieces got workshopped and performed around L.A. under the guidance of Filmmaker/Storyteller Paula Killen. (At venues: iO West; Fanatic Salon; and Comedy Central Backstage.) An earlier version of tonight’s show premiered last fall at the S.F. Fringe Theatre Festival. Now, Los Angeles native Viorica Baln directs the Premiere of Full Frontal Music.

Production Team

james schneider *


* Fringe Veteran