The Creeps

solo performance · catherine waller is a creep · Ages 15+ · New Zealand

one person show
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ERNEST KEARNEY the tvolution certified reviewer June 11, 2016
THE CREEPS Wild eyed arachnid greets us in a darken room. We are invited to explore, but not get lost in the darkness. We encounter others in the darkness – A sensual succubus whose breathy whispers of passion carrying the hint of a threat;- An old man, his arms shaking as if nerve damaged; A disturbing laughing child-woman, missing her hands, who threatens to murder the baby we hearing crying somewhere near. One sounds like Sean Connery. Catherine Waller’s solo show The Creeps first premiered at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe; she has reworked it and is reviving it here in preparation of taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. The power of the show, and its artistry, all lies with Waller, its creator and performer. She scu... full review
MADELINE ROSENSTEIN certified reviewer June 11, 2016
Like the discarded needle I saw laying on the streets of Hollywood, The Creeps made me a sad and scared for our society, disgusted and angered at what people endure, and a little confused, yet wanting to know more. This would be a #SeeItLA, if the run didn’t already end. It is travelling to other cities, so I’m going to call it a See It NY and See It Edinburgh. The Creeps hovers in the area of a solo show and “I can’t believe this is the same person” show. Catherine Waller doesn’t simply act as characters, but physically and mentally transforms in front of your eyes. Whether she is the grotesque tour guide/abductor or a maimed child, it is fascinating to see the different people she brings on stage. But, as it is scribbled in my notes: th... full review