The Creeps

solo performance · catherine waller is a creep · Ages 15+ · New Zealand

one person show
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Review by ERIK BLAIR

June 04, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

  • The Actor: Catherine Waller is phenomenal. Her physicality, voice, mannerisms—everything. Absolutely riveting. Could not take my eyes off her for even a moment during the performance and wanted it to be twice as long as it was because I did not want it to be over. Every character she portrayed was unique, different and clear—and NONE of them ended up being like her when she was herself. Brilliant.
  • The Interaction: Do yourself a favor. TALK BACK. You are not going to want to do so. It will feel uncomfortable. Especially if you’re the first. DO IT ANYWAY. The show demands it. Catherine demands it. DO IT. Break that wall. Trust me. Or don’t. Because I might already work for her.

What I didn't like

  • Nothing. And that’s saying something.

Oh, wait, something—I wanted it to be like 6 hours long. So I didn’t like that I couldn’t watch her for another 5 hours.

My overall impression

Catherine Waller should be world-famous right this moment.

This is not hyperbole.

She should be known around the world right now for being an actor capable of creating vastly different characters who are so incredibly different from each other than you can’t remember that she’s the same actor. She’s as talented with her physical body as Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany is with facial mannerisms—capable of changing herself 100% into someone or someTHING else simply by changing how she stands, moves, looks, sways. It’s unbelievable…until you see it.

And even then, you may not believe it.

This is a show where you start with what seems somewhat normal. And then the character on stage wants you to talk back. And you better do so—or things get worse until someone does. And even if/when someone does…things just get creepier from there. “The Creeps” is the right name for this show. Because it is exactly, perfectly that. The characters get stranger. The story gets darker. Things get less normal. The world gets more twisted.

I wanted to rush the stage and help some characters.

I wanted to flee others.

I wanted to tell at least one of them to go to hell.

I wanted to tell another that yes, I would work for her just to make it stop.

I wanted to save another.

I wanted to protect another.

Some of these I wanted to do all at the same time.

And I wanted to see more of them. So much more. It was over far too soon.

It’s a performance that demands attention. It’s a performance that begs the question of how far you, the audience, could push your responses to the characters—how interactive COULD it become? I have already almost bought tickets for another show to test that very question.

Whatever the answer, if you want to see this extraordinary experience for yourself, you only have two more nights to do so—so get your tickets NOW.

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