Maizy: A Fable

theatre · cowboys and indians theatre company · Ages 10+ · United States

family friendly world premiere
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JEREMY ALUMA uncertified reviewer June 23, 2011
This imaginative and enticing production had the groundwork for something great. Julie Civiello is enchanting and charming as Maizy, a fairy trying to make it big in Hollywoods. It shows the middle part of her life as she battles bad jobs, egos, friendship and fame on her way to stardom. As she makes her way up in life, things still move on at home, a place that she loses touch with. The set dressing served well to set us in the world of the play but I think that a smaller more intimate theater would have served this show well, a packed house with the actors more able to feel the audience would have helped them live more in-tune with what we wanted. The company is clearly imaginative with a breakout hit last year and with a little more time ... full review
HANNAH AFTERGOOD uncertified reviewer June 22, 2011
I enjoyed every minute of "Maizy," from when I got my playbill to when the lights came up at the end of the show! Fabulous director and actors! It was an hour of my evening very well spent, and well worth the traffic getting to hollywood! Bravo.... full review
BRYCE TOWNSEND uncertified reviewer June 23, 2011
I experienced an enchanting, warm, human, edgy, hilarious, poignant capturing of the desire to make it in Hollywood & what happens once that commitment is made. Visually stunning. Accurate & truthful. It made me feel happy to be connected to others who are here doing this!... full review
JAZMINE GREEN uncertified reviewer June 24, 2011
Maizy: A Fable is a meandering walk through a lollipop land where life lessons are learned in the harshest way imaginable. Replace the classic tale of the wide-eyed country girl coming to the Big City to "make it" with a well sparkled faery and the predictable story line unfolds. The production was charming and will appeal to a family-oriented audience. ... full review
JOY NASH uncertified reviewer June 25, 2011
This show has chutzpah, sweetness and magic. I found myself falling in love with the creativity, ingenuity, and unexpected sincerity of Maizy and the rest of this ensemble. Comedic satire was spot on. I felt like I was watching a group of hugely precocious, wildly talented children plotting out the rest of their lives- and I mean that in the best way possible- there is an innocence and a childlike insightfulness to this show that leaves the audience uplifted and feeling lucky to have experienced it.... full review
KAT PRIMEAU certified reviewer June 17, 2011
Cowboys & Indians blew me away last year with Wolf Girls, and at the onset of "Maizy" I was delighted to find that their latest production is equally enchanting and theatrical. Beautiful make up and set and fantastic original music underscores this traditional tale of a wide-eyed dreamer whose dreams are dashed in Hollywood. Check it out for truly unique fare - and hilarious faery humor!... full review
TONY FRANKEL stage and cinema/bitter lemons certified reviewer June 22, 2011
Tony Frankel, Theatre Critic for Stage and Cinema here. Maizy: A Fable is such a misguided effort that it is almost unreviewable. The story of an actress trying to make it in Hollywood is trite enough, but to have a Fairy try to make it in "Hollywoods" is trite squared. The writing is sophomoric, the acting is awful (with broad characterizations not even worthy of high school) and the attempt at design (such as video projections) only served to reinforce the sloppiness of the production. I wasn't even sure what the company was going for here: if it was to be cute, even that was not realized. This production smacks of those who have been realistically overpraised by family and friends and therefore never stop to think that they are craftin... full review
ALLY GLICKMAN uncertified reviewer June 22, 2011
Loved every minute of it! ... full review