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June 14, 2016 certified reviewer
tagged as: Feminist

What I liked

Right away, you can tell that the women involved in this production are incredibly dedicated to the work, which is admirable. The way they incorporated media elements into the show was intriguing.

Jenny Ashe brings a great energy to her role. She’s very confident on stage, and truly gets to the core of what it means to be a woman in such an Orwellian society (not so different from our own, as it turns out) – and every nuanced detail that kind of thing entails.

Monica Baker is incredibly skilled. I haven’t seen her in anything before but she’s a natural talent and she knows how to inhabit a character fully. She’s very compelling to watch, and I can see why she was cast in such a strong role.

Olivia Powell brings an adorably sweet aura to the stage. She’s very expressive and adept with physical performance.

Brynn Alexander is a very strong performer as well, and knows how to command a stage when appropriate, and when to let her co-stars shine.

Theodora Marcelline had the challenge of bringing comedy to this relatively dramatic piece, and she’s got a knack for comedic timing.

What I didn't like

Sometimes the actors overlapped each other’s dialogues in a way which made it hard to hear. That may be nitpicky, but it did cause me to miss a few lines.

My overall impression

This was a very unique and interesting production, very appropriate for Fringe. I love the concept and would like to see it fleshed out even more!

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