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June 11, 2016 certified reviewer
tagged as: Love · chemistry

What I liked

Confronts a subject with love and thoughtfulness that is not often approached with such understanding and nuance.
I also especially liked the message of her father at the end, as delivered to the male character.

What I didn't like

It was clear that there were very specific reasons he loved her, including the fact that her guidance and support were integral to his recovery, but when he professed his love, none of those were revealed, even though he seemed the kind of character who would.

I also had no idea why they were so isolated. While her perspective on not telling him what she needed was entirely in-character, I couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t have sought outside medical help for her when he saw her behavior over a long period.

My overall impression

A thoughtful look at an under-discussed topic. Lots of love evident.

There’s humor, as in all good dramas, but someone looking for comedy might find themselves feeling things they weren’t prepared to feel.

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