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pinraven · Ages 16+ · United States of America

includes nudity one person show world premiere
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June 19, 2016 certified reviewer

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I loved every second of this sweet little ditty. Filled with a memento esque structure, I was always jazzed to see how this story was going to twist and turn through its out and out attack on love, sickness and the need for connection. Brendan is the man. Just fact on top of facts with this. He commits like no other, and knows how to land every single joke like a gymnast dismounting for the gold. And in this particular performance I may have witnessed a fringe moment for the ages! (yessssssssssssss!).

So if Brendan is Jordan, that would make Lauren Van Kurin Phil Jackson. Directed with strength and confidence, Kurin knows where to take the audience and knows when to double down and take the audience one step deeper into the abyss that is being single and alone. She also knows when to let Brendan just go for it. And that bombastic explosion of cathartic emotion……its perfect.

This show is top notch and easily in my top three productions at fringe this year. If you’re having hard times I’d skip whatever you’re doing and go see this amazing show. Its not just funny as hell, but it’ll help you through those times in more ways then you’d think.

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