solo performance · brown-reyna-mungo! · Ages 12+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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June 11, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

The acting. Simple. Calm. Sharp. Commanding. Hard to do in a one man show and Mungo makes it look effortless. I was in the front row.

What I didn't like

Maybe there needed to be a little bit more about how his wife felt about his womanizing? Why she stuck with him. Maybe though that was a sign of the times and the writers didn’t focus on it because no one knows. I think I didn’t like it because they did such a great job at painting the character and I wanted to know more. SO maybe that is a great thing!

My overall impression

I knew nothing about Mungo. Nothing. And I was never bored. I wanted to know more. It was simply written and simply acted. That said it was NOT simple. It was sharp, smart, witty and funny. To be able to play off simple requires very professional commitment and this team has it in spades. That is a huge credit to the writing and acting. Placing Mungo as a sort of ghost returning to this corner in North Carolina (I thin it was north!) once a year on his birthday was a delightful invocation to this man and has a beautiful pay off at the end of the show. What is it? You need to go see it for yourself. Some of the best acting I’ve seen this Fringe. I really believed Mungo was back and that is difficult to do.Being entertained and learning something? So cool! This is not to be missed.

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