I was Hamlet

dance & physical theatre · post mortem movement theater · Ages 18+ · United States of America

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STAN BARTOSIAK certified reviewer June 14, 2016
tagged as: confusing · boring · tedious
Judging from the lack of reviews, I can only guess that others are hesitant (as am I) to offer their candid opinions. I admit the Fringe is a venue to explore theatre, but I found this to be one tedious hour, having very little to do with 'Hamlet' the character or the play. The 'characters' were there - Hamlet was venting throughout and ended with a prayer to the cell phone and an obtuse reference to Trump and all that conjures. Better luck next time.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 15, 2016
tagged as: Beautiful · interesting · immersive · fun
Great show. Loved every bit of it! Not too long (Being on your feet for too long would have been an issue). Actors were all fantastic and committed! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 16, 2016
tagged as: Beautiful · immersive · powerful
Brilliantly directed, choreographed, and performed! A bold piece that is at once spectacle and a thoughtful deconstruction of themes from Hamlet and applying them to a modern context. Not to be missed!... full review
JENAPHER ZHENG certified reviewer June 18, 2016
tagged as: macabre · movement · grotesque · immersive
A dreamlike circus ride reenvisioning of HamletMachine and the world of the personal/political. I enjoyed it very much, and admired the full commitment of the performers. Be prepared to be disrupted. Touched, even. To think about observation, objectivity, and tropes. It's a wicked ride that feels like part freak show, part nightmare, part candlelit vigil. ... full review
NOAH NELSON certified reviewer June 19, 2016
This is a kinky, driven, sandbox-style SRO piece made for a black box theatre. Director Angela Lopez and her core collaborators Kyle Johnston (Ghost), Angel Correa (Hamlet), and Emily Josephine (Ophelia/Elektra) have conjured forth a wicked hour that pulls in smart immersive techniques in service of a piece that mixes physical theatre with sharp, un-cloying agitprop. They even make giving permission to the audience to keep their cellphones out and documenting into something far more than a damn marketing gimmick. It becomes essential.... full review
JORDONNA VARGAS certified reviewer June 22, 2016
It is productions such as this that make me happy to support Fringe. I was Hamlet not only entertained, but nudged me to ponder my involvement in the American political space.... full review
KAT MICHELS certified reviewer June 23, 2016
tagged as: #ChanceItLA · interactive · visceral
Upon leaving “I was Hamlet” I had one prevailing thought - I had no idea what I had just seen. However, as this is a physical adaptation of Heiner Muller’s “Hamletmachine” and I had much the same reaction after I read “Hamletmachine” in college, I find that reaction highly fitting. This play, experience is a better word, is free-form, visceral and interactive. Actually interactive is an understatement. There are no chairs, the audience stands or sits and the performers move in and out of the people. The audience is encouraged to move in the space and interact. The cast was really fantastic about subtly clearing the way whenever there was about to be something big or particular violent, so there was no fear of getting in the way. For as d... full review
FRANCISCO BRACHO certified reviewer June 25, 2016
Dance and Shakespeare. The dancers were phenomenal. with an easy physicality, face forward sensuality mixed with tortured theatrics. Despite the protestations, Shakespeare's language bleeds through, heavy with meaning. The musical happenings added light to this dark affair. ... full review
VIVIAN RUBIO certified reviewer June 26, 2016
Great show!!!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 12, 2016
Amazing!!!... full review