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cabaret & variety · writers direct group · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Review by ERIK BLAIR

June 19, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

The Concept: Having a live animated mind-reading connection is a fun idea that has real potential—in fact, it’s what brought me to the show to begin with. And it works pretty well throughout the show.

The Charm: The show has a charm that is a little old-school (like Fremont Street in Vegas old-school), but is still fun.

What I didn't like

The Pacing: It’s a little slow.

Glimpses Behind the Curtain: Due to a few slips in the performance I saw, the mind reading tricks didn’t QUITE feel as “mind reading” as I hoped they would. They felt more like they were tricks/illusions and that what seemed like it was a “random choice” of words or country or whatever was actually anything but random at all.

The Corporate Sell: The attempt to sell this show to corporate shows and business meetings on the back page of the program was a big turn-off for me. I can appreciate the idea of trying to make this show something you can sell to companies and meetings, but it somehow felt like I was suddenly seeing a show that was ONLY an ad.

My overall impression

This is a show that has some fun potential to it. A live mind-reader starts trying to do his show, fails, and turns to his mentor—an animated character who helps him read minds IN REAL TIME. A Neat idea, for sure, and one that’s family-friendly and capable of amusing all ages. The performance I saw was, indeed, amusing—but at the same time, there were things that kept it from being as much fun as I hoped it would be.

The pacing was slower than I would have hoped. There were a few mistakes in the show that made some of the mind-reading more obvious than one would want. And some of the jokes felt like they were in need of being refreshed into the 21st century.

This show isn’t bad at all. It just also isn’t brilliant. And I would love for it to be so, because I really enjoy both the concept and the actual live mind-reader, Don Bice, quite a bit.

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