Office Beat - A Tap Dance Comedy

dance & physical theatre · tap overload · Ages 6+ · United States of America

family friendly
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SPENCER FRANKEBERGER uncertified reviewer June 06, 2016
Must-see.... full review
RAMONA SENEVIRATNE certified reviewer June 07, 2016
tagged as: #tapoverload
Without a single word being said Office Beat was an amazingly hilarious toe-tapping extravaganza that kept you smiling throughout the entire show. The cast was dynamic to say the least and with great music to boot, Office Beat energizes the very depth of the soul. A refreshingly creative tour de force not to be missed!... full review
MARIA COLOSIMO certified reviewer June 09, 2016
Loved the show! Very entertaining and all the dancers danced their hearts out! ... full review
KAT MICHELS certified reviewer June 10, 2016
I love that this show knows exactly what it is, and embraces it fully. This is a dance show with enough of a plot to get from one number to the next and provide a theme. There are no sticky sub-plots or long winded monologues. In fact there’s no dialogue at all. Instead all interactions are done in pantomime and are over the top which helps set the world in which an entire office tap dances all day long. It is a cute concept, and the tap dancing is great! Every last one of the dancers on the stage does a great job and has seemingly unlimited energy. I was exhausted just from watching them. Their run time is an hour, and of that 60 minutes, I would guess that someone was tapping for at least 55 of those minutes. If you are a fan of tap dancin... full review
ALEXANDER SORDO uncertified reviewer June 11, 2016
tagged as: tap · funny · dance comedy
I recommend this show to anyone who appreciates dance. I like the original music and the choreography. My wife loved the new hire character. ... full review
ELLEN DOSTAL certified reviewer June 11, 2016
Tap Overload’s Office Beat is a fun one hour tap musical with its story told entirely through tap dancing (no dialogue). You’ll smile all the way through this delightful show!... full review
SUSANNAH HANSEL certified reviewer June 11, 2016
It was a very cute, quaint theatre that I really enjoyed. I felt very happy after watching this show. ... full review
CHARLES ZIARKO certified reviewer June 12, 2016
For people who wanted to like STOMP but considered it too unsophisticated, THIS is the show for you---45 (almost) uninterrupted minutes of a tap-dancing ballet by an adept troupe of 13! They tell a simple story without dialogue or lyrics even as they demonstrate their skill! Wonderful---and really unique! (I wouldn't have thought anyone could tap-dance to MELANCHOLY BABY or even THE GIRL FROM IMPANEMA, but I was proven wrong!) In the Smile Sweepstakes, which makes tapping look easier than it is, I'd judge VALERIE ROCKEY and mastermind MINDY COPELAND the winners. ... full review
MICHAEL VAN DUZER certified reviewer June 17, 2016
Office Beat, a new show created by Mindy and Gabe Copeland, is billed as a “tap comedy.” And I suppose that’s as good a description as any. But those words do little to relay the pure entertainment this genre-busting production offers. The entire review can be found at the link above.... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY the tvolution certified reviewer June 12, 2016
OFFICE BEAT A TAP DANCE COMEDY As conceived by Mindy and Gage Coperland with original music by Andrew Van Vlear, Office Beat is a tale of office politics and labor unrest told completely without dialogue. Well without spoken dialogue that is, but there’s plenty of snappy repartee in the marvelous toe-tapping feet of the Tap Overload Dance Company. Set in a happy hoofing workplace where productivity is paced with a two step, the story opens with a budding office romance between the recently passed over for promotion office manager and the newly hired guy (Mindy and Gabe Copeland). But when the new boss, corporate tool (Jimmy Fisher) arrives with staid assistant (Hilary Cunningham) they immediately try to enforce new work plac... full review