What the F*ck?

comedy · fierce backbone · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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LAURA HUNTT FOTI certified reviewer June 13, 2015
Fast and furiously funny! Eight talented actors play all the roles in 26 micro-mini plays, all ending with a character asking "What the F*CK?!" or the audience yelling out, "You are so F*CKED!" Clever scenarios, well-played from Fierce Backbone. A unique theater experience!... full review
BELLA MERLIN certified reviewer June 14, 2015
There's no denying Fierce Backbone are irrepressible! A highly democratic evening in which 26 writers are all given 2 minutes of stage time, with a team of energetic and versatile actors to embody more roles than I could count. This is a mix of sketch-show and short-play collective - all in the comic vein, as at the end of each piece the audience is prompted to shout 'You're so f*cked!' This is the kind of deliberately 'rough' theatre that Fringe Festivals enable at the end of an intense day of viewing of Bards, Bawds and Balladeers. As with any democracy, some scripts are more crafted than others (well, the challenge of 2 minutes is no small feat). Go with a generous heart and a desire to support a team of prolific writers.... full review
TODD BABCOCK certified reviewer June 15, 2015
26 plays in an hour? Seriously? Yeah. Except for the serious part because this is a rowdy and explosive evening. Titled 'What the F*ck?" because really that about sums it up. The actors are game and committed (or should be committed) as they shift on the proverbial dime. Audience participation isn't a request it's a demand and all the better. Often theater lacks the vibrant interaction it has to offer. Here it's face out, in your face, get in our face and it's a blast. The time flew and I laughed often and out loud. Kudos to the director for wrangling these fun, varied pieces to some bizarre sense of (dis)order. ... full review
DIANNE WILLIAMS certified reviewer June 27, 2015
tagged as: It's Nuckin' Futs
Quick, funny, original, F*cking hilarious! It went by too fast, want more. Great actors, writing and directing. This is definitely a great energy good time! Yay!!! Do it again! ... full review
PAUL ELLIOTT certified reviewer June 13, 2015
I know there is a lot to see at this year's Fringe...but when you're tired and looking for just laughs...don't miss Fierce Backbone's "What the F*ck!" a wonderful fun-filled 50 minutes of absurdity by a stellar cast of comic actors...and if you want to become a part of craziness, just sit on the front row or aisles and watch out... ... full review
JAMES BABBIN certified reviewer June 21, 2015
Really great, fun and original combination of short scripted plays weaved together with some improv thrown in. Truly original & fun. Good job by all!... full review
MARINA PALMIER certified reviewer June 27, 2015
What a great ensemble, fun pieces and well directed. Bravo!... full review