Don't Talk About It, SPIT About It

ensemble theatre · loks angeles productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 15, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression

As the lights dim, the audience finds itself thrust into a window seat on a train bound for a journey into some of the darker, more complex, less neat and tidy stations of humanity. Through exceptional poetry by Alex Alpharoah, the capable directing of Elisa Noemi, spot-on acting by the Hollywood Fringe cast and outstanding choreography by Alana Duvernay, we are allowed glimpses into the lives of those caught in the fray, or perhaps cast out altogether. Don’t Talk About It, Sp!t About It, beckons you to ‘come aboard’ and look a little deeper into the essence of everyday life. It draws us in — urges us to scratch below the surface — and takes us on an up and confrontingly close and personal journey into those stations in life we might not otherwise visit, or talk about! This is a smorgasbord for the senses — and yours will be working overtime in order to take in the explosion of talent on this stage! The audience was spellbound! This is an eye-opening journey, with a clear message, that will have you crying, laughing — leave you enlightened, and hoping you can catch one more performance. You owe it to yourself to see “Don’t Talk About It, Sp!it About It!”

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