Don't Talk About It, SPIT About It

ensemble theatre · loks angeles productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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CAROL EASTON certified reviewer June 15, 2015
As the lights dim, the audience finds itself thrust into a window seat on a train bound for a journey into some of the darker, more complex, less neat and tidy stations of humanity. Through exceptional poetry by Alex Alpharoah, the capable directing of Elisa Noemi, spot-on acting by the Hollywood Fringe cast and outstanding choreography by Alana Duvernay, we are allowed glimpses into the lives of those caught in the fray, or perhaps cast out altogether. Don't Talk About It, Sp!t About It, beckons you to 'come aboard' and look a little deeper into the essence of everyday life. It draws us in -- urges us to scratch below the surface -- and takes us on an up and confrontingly close and personal journey into those stations in life we might no... full review
ROSIE GLEN-LAMBERT certified reviewer June 08, 2015
tagged as: inspiring · witty · clever
Ok if "Don't Talk About It, Sp!t About It" isn't on your must-see list, that needs to be corrected immediately. While the show ambitiously weaves together a plethora of different themes, storylines, and messages, clever and powerful writing by Alex Alpharoah coupled with creative and stunningly beautiful directorial choices by Elisa Noemí kept the audience engaged and enthralled. Each individual storyline weaves beautifully into the next, taking the audience on a journey that ultimately leads to a reflection of the human condition as a whole. The ensemble worked together beautifully, each embodying a number of different characters, each performing with an impressive amount of passion. Standout performances by Alana Duvernay, Omete "M.C." Ana... full review
STEPHANIE STEVENS certified reviewer June 12, 2015
tagged as: exciting · relevant · amazing
“Don’t Talk About It, Sp!t About it,” is an exciting piece of original theater that uses the beauty of spoken word poetry to create a narrative about what it means to live in today’s world. More than just theater, it’s a statement about our American culture and the problems we face as humans; spanning poverty, race, sexual orientation, gender and incarceration. This is not entertainment of escape, but quite the opposite. This show hits you with themes that might hit close to home, but also opens your eyes to perspectives you haven’t lived yourself. The direction of Elisa Noemi shows through the heartbeat and rhythm of this play and the players voice their own passions and heartbreak throughout this thoughtful piece. Mixing spoken word, ... full review
TRISTA NICKELSEN certified reviewer June 19, 2015
Loved it! So powerful, so much talent! ... full review
CHRISTINA OGUNADE certified reviewer June 22, 2015
tagged as: timely; relevant · inspiring
Wonderful show! Touched my palette with the element of the spoken word, and movement to convey various themes. What I appreciated most was the statements on the current social atmosphere. Here's to the day in the life, in everyday America, somewhere.... full review
ERICK JAUREZ certified reviewer June 26, 2015
tagged as: powerful · Must See · Talent
Powerful performances by all the actors! There is nothing like this out on the HFF15 stages. Alex is one super talent writer, I will be keeping an eye on all his future work. This show is inspiring and this is a must see fringe show 2015. I left inspired and kept talking about this show after it was over. I am so glad I saw this. You will be to, Stop reading this and GO SEE IT!... full review