YA Novel: The Parody

comedy · brilliant! theater company · Ages 10+ · United States of America

world premiere
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KAT MICHELS certified reviewer June 22, 2015
tagged as: #ChanceItLA
#ChanceItLA - This parody is utterly ridiculous, yet clever. As I am not well versed in all of the specific YA novels they were mocking - Hunger Games, Divergent, etc - I missed quite a bit of the humor, but knew enough - Twilight, Harry Potter, etc - to still enjoy myself. They have a very specific demographic and I feel like that group would find this piece hysterical, but the further outside of that demographic you travel, the less you will enjoy it. I would also suggest, for the sake of future audiences, that Leslie Ranne reign her scream in a bit - the space is not big enough to handle that robust of a vocalization.... full review