Dating: Adults Embracing Failure

comedy · broken heart productions · Ages 12+ · United States of America

family friendly

TOP 3 SHOWS OF 2014!” ~ Chicago Tribune

“…HILARIOUS!… comedy rock stars. " ~ BroadwayWorld

“…well observed and SMARTLY EXECUTED.” ~ Chicago Tribune

“…EXHILIRATING…these two sharp comics combine sweetness and snarkiness…” ~Chicago Reader

Every relationship fails until one doesn’t. The trick is finding out which one that is.

Dating: Adults Embracing Failure is a hilarious and thoughtful take on what makes a relationship succeed or fail. Featuring Josh Lanzet (Cupid Players) and Lindy Voeltner (Period Piece), “Dating” showcases eight eclectic couples as they discover if they have the right chemistry to make a match that lasts.

With one unexpected couple emerging intact through it all, this punchy new comedy will leave you crying with laughter and looking for your own recipe for a successful relationship.

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