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PETER SCHUYLER certified reviewer June 25, 2015
Tracers is a heavy memory of The Vietnam War. I'm from that time and had so many friends who came back so deeply changed that I barely recognized them. The play is wonderfully staged and acted. The music, the dialog, the staging took me back to the point I got lost in it... full review
MARI ORSTAVIK certified reviewer June 25, 2015
tagged as: Beautiful · powerful · funny · touching
Such a powerful play. Everything about this production is incredible. Acting, direction, sounds, lighting, design, everything. The feeling I had after leaving this play is something I haven't felt in a very, very long time. This play will make you laugh, cry and, most importantly, think. You are taken on an incredible journey with real people, and these people leave an impression. There should not even be a doubt in your mind, this is a must-see! ... full review
SONDRA STOWE certified reviewer June 26, 2015
This was a really amazing and well-done production. All of the actors worked very well together and the ensemble work was really tight. The lights, sound and set were extremely well-done and the actors created a world that was really evocative of the time period. Great job!... full review
GABRIEL CANSINO certified reviewer June 26, 2015
Saw the Thursday night performance, and I will be there again for the Saturday night finale. These guys put their heart and soul into the work, and it really shows. Tracers is a profound and important view into the world of military life, and this cast has a great chemistry and does this excellent play justice. ... full review
KATHRYN BOOLE certified reviewer June 26, 2015
This Tracers production was beautifully done - an excellent rendition of a very difficult play. All the actors were extremely good. The timing flowed, the set decorations and lighting were amazing. Bravo!... full review
V BALZANO certified reviewer June 27, 2015
TRACERS is a keenly felt piece about the physical, psychological, and emotional toll of war on Vietnam-era soldiers. If you've seen PLATOON, FULL METAL JACKET, or even APOCALYPSE NOW, you've been down that road before, but the show's spot on cast and slick technical values make it a trip well-worth taking again. Recommended without hesitation. See it before it's gone. ... full review
JOYCE CHI certified reviewer June 28, 2015
These actors were able to take me into these soldiers' daily lives and experiences. Made me feel their pains, see what they saw, and better understand the horrors our veterans endure, and must survive through, in and after war. These actors are amazing, and their performances were gripping. Tracers is a must see show! ... full review
ROSS COBURN certified reviewer June 28, 2015
This show was fantastic. Every aspect of the show was so well done, I was afraid I'd been drafted to Vietnam at one point myself. The set design was simple, but this helped with quick transitions for the fast-pace of the play. The lights and sound were phenomenally done and the timing on cues seemed flawless. The acting was outstanding and believable, not to mention that it looked exhausting. Doing workouts for the first 10 minute scene proved these actor's dedication to their craft, and lent credence to the rest of the show. I was hugely impressed by the whole show. What a great performance. ... full review
BROOKE CLENDENEN certified reviewer June 29, 2015
These boys put on a helluva show. My heart was pounding in my throat by the end. Intense, inspirational, and deeply devastating. The cast had so much power and control. These men were so in touch with their characters, there was never a moment where I thought they were "acting." The cast was simply being. Amazing light, sound, and set design. I really wish that I could see the show one more time. ... full review
BRANDON CLARK certified reviewer July 01, 2015
Really strong performances and some Brilliant individual scenes. Definitely worth seeing , but some of the custom monologues seemed about showcasing the actor, rather than serving the story.... full review