BLOOD, A Voodoo Love Story

ensemble theatre · mpe productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

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ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer July 04, 2015
BLOOD, A VOODOO LOVE STORY (Platinum Medal) Michael Phillip Edwards has written and directed a dazzling, twisted, sensual, scary, strikingly clever, viciously funny, marginally pornographic and thoroughly original little morality tale about a man and a woman who meet at a sex retreat, fall in love, accidently enter into a manage a trois with an succubus from hell and are condemned to spend all eternity retelling their tale to audiences and having brain numbing magnificent sex. (Hey, it beats the hell outa pushing a big ass rock up a hill eternally!) Phrederic Semaj as “He” and Maria Tomas as “She” give tour-de-force performances. This show was deserving of having a place in the Smithsonian. I SAW 57 SHOWS THIS YEAR AND REVI... full review