Two Girls One Bard: Romeo & Juliet

comedy · the illyrian players theatre co. · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 25, 2015 certified reviewer
tagged as: Feminist · brilliant · fun · hysterical · improv · shakespeare · comedy · badass

My overall impression

THIS SHOW IS AWESOME! I couldn’t stop laughing. And yet, this isn’t just Shakespeare’s greatest love story “ruined by a couple of jerks.” Nope. It’s expertly performed by two actresses who truly know their craft and use the text so beautifully. I’ve always been taught that in order to find freedom in performing you must first know and respect the structure of what you are performing in. Because they are so phenomenal at utilizing and understanding the text, they are able to run completely wild and free with all of their additional writing/commentary. The use of simplistic props is brilliant. Every time the Prince came onstage in his Prince outfit with Prince playing, I lost it. Every time Kenvolio spoke up to defend his love-forlorn cuz, I lost it. This show was a marathon of fearless glee and reckless abandon. Alison and Peggy are truly bold and badass in every sense of the word. GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!

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