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Now What?

comedy · racekar studios · Ages 17+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Ranging from big, scary life events (oops, you might be pregnant! Help, I’ve been wrongly convicted of a crime!) to smaller things that can throw you off your game (why is there NEVER ANY PARKING IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD when I am late?!), NOW WHAT? is a collection of six short plays that drives this home: no matter how hard we may try to organize and plan, the universe always has other ideas. And sometimes, the universe can be a dick!

Watch as our characters wrestle with running out of beer at the worst possible time, turning thirty, and overcoming post-wedding blues.

Written and directed by Rachel Brethauer, Kara Costello, and Celeste Klaus.

production team

rachel brethauer *
celeste klaus *
kara costello *
brett emanuel *
ben, max, ted
rachel brink *
pam, jane, margo
katie hotchkiss *
tessa, caroline, penny

* Fringe Veteran