Getting to Know You

ensemble theatre · a lesser studio · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by JIM HANNA

June 18, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression

Up front, I gotta say I’m not the ideal audience for the crazily inventive show. I’m not usually fond of audience interaction, much less a heavily immersive piece like this; let me sit in the back row and please don’t even so much as look me in the eye. Still, this is so firmly in the wheelhouse of Fringe and certain audience members are going to adore it. Even with my misgivings, I was so impressed with the writing, acting and creativity on display. There is some seriously thoughtful stuff going on here. The musical chairs approach means you will not get a complete narrative, which is certainly one of it’s aims as audience members excitedly question one another after the show to see if they can piece the mystery together. Even a grump like me couldn’t help getting caught up as I chatted with people after trying get a fuller picture. It’s a really fascinating and well done piece of theater. Kudos, Annie!

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