Only the Moon Howls

ensemble theatre · boys with dogs theatricals · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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July 01, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression

It’s not very often that a show brings me to blubbering tears, but this one did, and it’s a testament to the healing power of art. This show spoke to me on a very personal level. It was a very eerie case of art (almost) imitating life, and it affected me in a profound way.

I survived a pretty gnarly car accident back in April. The experience shook both my wife of six years (who was not with me when it happened) and I up pretty badly. Sitting and watching this show unfold, we both realized at the same moment what was going to happen, and we clung to each other. The parallels between this story and ours were eerie; the husband is a professional writer, just like I am. The wife was home, asleep at the time of the accident, just like my wife Jenn was. Thankfully, in our case, it was me at the other end of the line when the phone rang, instead of a cop.

After my accident, I buried a lot of my emotions, promising myself I’d “deal with them later.” As in after dealing with the police reports, sorting through the insurance, getting a new car, etc. I was determined to get back on my feet as fast as possible. Two months went by, and I realized I hadn’t dealt with the trauma the near-death experience had brought… and then we saw this show.

Well, it wrecked me. Pun intended.

Jenn and I went home that night and had a very long conversation about not just the show and the three stunning performances, but love, our relationship, the accident, life, the universe and everything. To say it was cathartic would be an understatement.

I’m grateful to have been able to enjoy this show, and thankful to have been affected so strongly by it. Bravo, and thank you.

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