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one person show world premiere

STANDUPERA: How singing WRECKED my life… then saved it!

Rated R. Swearing, sex, and opera.

Stand-up, story-telling, and song!

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I am a singer. And when people ask, “Oh! What kind of music do you sing?” My answer causes a lot of confusion. This is because, in reality, I am a classical-pop-crossover-Broadway-jazz-singer-songwriter.

“Wait. So, you do… everything?”


Sometimes I try to explain it like, I’m like if Andrea Bocelli and Bette Midler had a baby who hung out with Leonard Cohen. That’s what I do. Sort of.

STANDUPERA is the story of a woman who sings, who makes mistakes, and lets you laugh at them… er… WITH her…

That woman is Erin Carere. Me! I currently reside in Los Angeles where I am an actress, singer, screenwriter, playwright, and radio host. My best TV credits are dubious at best but you know, I got more phone calls about my guest starring role on “Sex Sent Me To The ER” than I got singing in professional opera companies or performing at SXSW as a singer songwriter with a critically acclaimed album (from which I have made a whopping $50 bucks.) It is the juxtaposition of this strange time in our culture, my sweet but goofy hometown folk, my poor choices in life and seeking of redemption, and love of music and all things dramatic that culminate in my newest one woman show, “STANDUPERA.” Blending comedy, story-telling, multi-media, music, and some surprises!

Just show up. You’ll laugh. :) And maybe cry.

Award Winning Playwright, Songwriter, Singer, Comedienne, Actress, Screenwriter, and Four Leaf Clover Finder. Classically trained, hooked on pop, schooled in soul. Liver, lover, laugher. Um, what else? That’s about all. :)

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