Daughter of an Alien

ensemble theatre · that's masongsong productions · Ages 10+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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ERIN BECK ACAIN certified reviewer June 14, 2015
I loved this production! Sci-fi is a bold choice for theater - an alien world in a black box forces a lot to the imagination, but Alien used straightforward dialogue, strong characters, and exceptional makeup to create a vivid, fully realized new galaxy complete with complex and fascinating new races. I especially enjoyed that the makeup, prosthetics, and costumes for each character were similar enough to indicate one people but still unique to each individual. Each scene simply written so the honesty of the story shines. The actors, equally honest, equally memorable. And sword fighting. Sci-fi with sword fighting - good sword fighting - how can you beat that?!... full review
SAVANNAH ACKERMAN uncertified reviewer June 20, 2015
How thrilling to be transported to the Savantius Galaxy to witness this beautifully human alien story. Verona Masongsong knows how to write wild, fierce, untamable women and Christy Hauptman as Daxia is the epitome of female empowerment. Christy (who also choreographed the fight scenes) demonstrates such mastery of the swords that they seem more like extensions of her own body. She shines most fiercely when she is fighting for her true love, in a moment of utter heart-wrenching desperation. But swords aren't the only weapons she uses. She capitalizes on the strength of her biting tongue and sheer sexual magnitude. This incredible character is the mother of the heroin, Alexia, the Daughter of an Alien. After facing a lifetime of adversity wit... full review
FRANCISCO BRACHO certified reviewer June 21, 2015
tagged as: Freedom now · touching
A fantastical love story across two generations. Well paced with quiet scenes and murderous ones. Touching, not a tale of alienation but the pursuit of love and liberty. Production was exceptional; with thought to make up and costume, choreography and song.... full review
BRYAN CAIN certified reviewer June 21, 2015
tagged as: Love · War · family · sword fighting · singing · aliens!
What a treat to get to journey to a brand-new and original sci-fi universe and spend a too-brief moment with these realistic aliens. Lovable characters, exciting combat and swordplay and brilliant make-up and costumes make this a must-see show for sci-fi/fantasy fans. I felt privileged to get to see it. Congratulations to the entire cast.... full review
MATT FRANTA uncertified reviewer June 23, 2015
Fun show that takes you on a journey to a distant galaxy in the future. Well performed, great costumes and makeup design, and some solid stage combat. Aliens, sword fighting, AND the show is free for fringe participants? What more do you want - go check it out!... full review
COLBY HANIK certified reviewer June 26, 2015
Such an inventive original piece of work. This is unlike most theater shows out there, stepping into a fully foreign world that brims with relatable relationships and feelings. The acting is solid all around, the costumes and make-up are transformative, just a truly enjoyable experience. ... full review
CHRISTINA MARTIN uncertified reviewer June 28, 2015
tagged as: Swords
Amazing cast & performance. The fight scenes were intense and the makeup was Fantastic. Great performance by Christy Hauptmann and Sam Christian. Beautiful singing, acting and fighting by Verona Masongsong. I hope there is a sequel or an encore performance.... full review
GREGORY CRAFTS uncertified reviewer July 06, 2015
An interesting story brought to life with excellent production value across the board (especially the makeup!), except for the complete absence of a sound plot. The show would have been greatly enhanced by music during the many scene changes. But, that one gripe aside, this play reminded me very much of the great episodes of Star Trek. I'm intrigued to see what the future has in store for this play. Great work!... full review
ANDREW LINDQUIST uncertified reviewer July 11, 2015
A really cool show! I absolutely love the setting, and how much everyone worked to make it really seem like a different world! This is definitely a show I would love to see much bigger! I only wish it could've been longer, I really loved the story, but it felt really fast paced, but I can understand why. I hope to see more some day! ... full review