Nerd Anarchy

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world premiere
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June 30, 2015 original article
tagged as: nerds · cosplay · faerie · funny · cheeky · ballads · musical · Talent

My overall impression

Here is an excerpt of my review for Nerd Anarchy for The Nickel Press:

Written by David LeBarron, the “failed kickstarter” 75-minute show, with an imagination-needed-set, started out just odd and simple enough, until it turned into complete magical mayhem. Severe unicorn lust, an ass kicking man faerie, and a near-puritan newbie battle themselves and a pizza boy-disguised-sorcerer in this cosplay dice game turned magical portal Faerie Land adventure.

The cast of three play a cast of six, conquering cheeky humor and parody ballads with impressively strong vocals and total nerdism. The charmingly talented trio switch between characters and sexes faster than you can say, “D&D!” They fight, love, dress up and stay sharp tongued, while multi-tasking as narrators and stage management. Spontaneous audience interaction adds another layer to the fun.

With their powerful vocals and shamelessness, these self-proclaimed non-actors could easily be a Flight of the Conchords meet Broadway spectacular. But, what shone through “Nerd Anarchy” was that less is more. They make no-budget look good.

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