Nerd Anarchy

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KURT GARDNER certified reviewer June 22, 2015
tagged as: nerdgasm · comedy · theater · hollywood · role playing · gamers · musical
Calculatedly underbudgeted and underproduced, with “sets” painted on posterboard, Nerd Anarchy wears its geeky heart on its sleeve – and the enthusiasm is infectious.... full review
RACHAEL GARCIA certified reviewer June 30, 2015
tagged as: nerds · cosplay · faerie · funny · cheeky · ballads · musical · Talent
Here is an excerpt of my review for Nerd Anarchy for The Nickel Press: Written by David LeBarron, the “failed kickstarter” 75-minute show, with an imagination-needed-set, started out just odd and simple enough, until it turned into complete magical mayhem. Severe unicorn lust, an ass kicking man faerie, and a near-puritan newbie battle themselves and a pizza boy-disguised-sorcerer in this cosplay dice game turned magical portal Faerie Land adventure. The cast of three play a cast of six, conquering cheeky humor and parody ballads with impressively strong vocals and total nerdism. The charmingly talented trio switch between characters and sexes faster than you can say, "D&D!" They fight, love, dress up and stay sharp tongued, while mul... full review
S. CLAUS certified reviewer June 09, 2015
The Three Clubs bar, host to this show, serves alcoholic drinks of course, but you may prefer a can of Coke...or a LINE of keep up with the frenetic lunacy of David Lebarron's quirky mix and mash of music and mayhem. Following the exploits of a group of gamers who are actually just a group of performers (well, some of them are only virtual I guess) in a bar who end up going to Fairyland and singing a song about sex (but not in a weird way) with a unicorn and defeating a wizard hell-bent on domination did this sentence start again? There's no point trying to fight the whip-snap pace and dialog of Lebarron and the dedicated duo who play with him on stage (I don't know how they memorized it all but they didn't seem ... full review
IAN MACKINNON certified reviewer June 10, 2015
tagged as: Nerd · D&D · musical · fantasy · david lebarron · gay · queer · magical
Nerd Anarchy was a super cute, fun, entertaining show and you don't have to be a nerd to enjoy it. In an exploded almost brecthian style 3 performers who are first introduced as the playwright, the composer and the stage manager play multiple roles jumping in and out of the action of the piece to make comments directly to the audience. The story centers on a gang of D&D playing nerds who eventually get sucked into their own fantasy role playing world. There is never a dull moment in this fast paced musical journey. The singing is great and the songs are hilarious and catchy. It's lighthearted and humorous and highly enjoyable. I recommend it!!... full review
ROBERT PATRICK certified reviewer June 10, 2015
"ADORABLE" is the only word for this enchanting, enchanted "parlor musical." It had last night's packed house applauding practically throughout. The huge author David LeBarron, the handsome composer Will Norris, and a gorgeous- voiced and faced young woman Karen Brundage, identified as 'the stage manager," play three actors playing nine nerds playing a vast proliferation of characters in a hilariously multi-meta-layered story about losers who get magically (and very comically) pulled into the goony "real" world of the sword-and-sorcery, dice-and-cards, role-playing games that they have instead of lives. You'll get pulled in, too, for everyone can identify with the relentlessly self-defeating stratagems these hapless homebodies fall into even... full review
LUCY POWERS certified reviewer June 15, 2015
We found Nerd Anarchy to be witty, fast-paced, very funny and quite entertaining, with a surprise plot twist at the end. We always love seeing any Hollywood Fringe show and find them to be upbeat, energetic and original. Will Norris (composer) always comes up with awesome lyrics and catchy tunes that complement the story just right. David, Will and Karen provided excellent acting and singing and were delightful to watch. We really enjoyed this show!... full review
NANCY LA SCALA certified reviewer June 25, 2015
tagged as: nerds · creative · fantastical · unicorn · fairies · fun!!
Really enjoyed!! VERY CREATIVE!!! Bravo Bravo David!! GO SEE IT!! ... full review