Anna, In the Darkness

solo performance · american studio theater · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show
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ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer June 06, 2015
Now I liked “The Halfwits Last Hurray”, and “The Poe Show” was certainly good for some highbrow\lowbrow snickers, but congrats to director Amanda Weier and especially Rebecca Lincoln for serving me up my first jaw dropper of this Fringe Fest (I’m confident there’ll be many more) A strange, disturbing, and excellently mounted tale of a woman’s descent into madness. Lincoln does a superb job Mark Wilson deserves praise for for his beautifully woven sound web. ... full review
TRACEY PALEO, GIA ON THE MOVE (OFFICIAL PRESS) certified reviewer June 07, 2015
tagged as: thriller · Horror
Eerie and sinister. Recommended. Read the full review by Marc Wheeler at Gia On The Move (official press) full review