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Late with Lance!

comedy · peter michael marino entertainment · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States of America

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DAVID MICHAEL TAYLOR certified reviewer June 08, 2015
tagged as: funny
Peter Michael Marino's LATE WITH LANCE is an onstage interactive talk show hosted by Lance, a delusional hyperactive musical theatre queen, as written and performed by a NYC comedy and cabaret pro with an earned international reputation for excellence. Marino's Lance runs through his life at a mile-a-minute, pausing only to momentarily register disappointment, self-doubt or confusion, before remembering the show must go on. And go on it does! Twisting the talk show format inside-out and throwing surprise after surprise at the audience, Marino and Lance stop at nothing to give you one hysterical night out at the theatre.... full review
tagged as: funny
This show Is the hidden gem of the fringe! If you like musicals, comedy, or really if you're just down for whatever, this show will not disappoint you. If I wasn't laughing heartily I was nodding in appreciative acknowledgement of Lance's knowledge of the VonTrapp family singers. Truly, truly hilarious. Couldn't recommend enough! ... full review
MATT RITCHEY June 08, 2015
Lance. Is. Hysterical. A great one-man show skewering one-man shows (with a great song about one-man shows), LATE WITH LANCE is like an evening sitting around with a stranger who you didn't realize is one of your good friends. And if that sounds ludicrous, check out the show and you'll see what I mean. Musicals? Check. Guest stars? Check. Rockette line? Ch-- Kinda. Plus, a smart political jab at recent "pay to get reviewed" scandals. Check out Lance's website for more info on that one. Go see "Late with Cher." ...I mean "Lance." Same thing.... full review
GREGORY SMITH June 12, 2015
tagged as: Hilarios · touching · high energy
5 stars......didn't show up for Late with Lance. But the people that did sub for the various superstars did a fine job of stepping in. I have known Peter Michael Marino for 31 years. I have known Lance for only 2 years. But as a frequent cruise taker I feel I know him pretty well. Lance is the product of 2 gay dads who don't really pay too much attention to Lance. Sweet delusional, desperate, unfortunately coiffed Lance is desperate to be something he clearly is not. Talented. The 60 minutes flew by and I found myself jealous of Lance or Peter because he blindly pursues his passion with a single mindedness that I lack. I laughed and cried. I had all the emotions from a to b. Make Lance a part of your Fringe schedule, you wi... full review
K. WONG June 10, 2015
tagged as: musical · improv
MAGIC. META. MUSICAL. I became a fan of Peter Michael Marino's after seeing "Desperately Seeking the Exit"-- his hilarious autobiographical account of having written the book for "Desperately Seeking Susan-- the Musical" that ended up flopping on the West End. What I appreciated about that show in the context of the ED Fringe is it was the show ever performer who is badly reviewed threatens to make-- a show about their bad review. I loved how meta it was to watch a show about failure and theater and culture mistranslation in the setting of a festival in the UK where that was happening all around. LATE NIGHT WITH LANCE doesn't disappoint in the same way. It's what I'd call the "FRINGE of FRINGE shows" and a great treat for festival go... full review
DAMIEN LUVARA June 11, 2015
The night I went to see Lance I was selected to be his co-host! At first I thought it was becasuse he recognized me from my star turn in the award winning comedy "Boss:The Untold Tony Danza Story" ( but then when I finally got on stage and looked into his eyes, it became obvious there was no familiarity there. Like when you go to the zoo and you look at the chimps in the pen, you always expect them to recognize you as a distant relative. Chimps however don't see evolution they see another thing in their way of getting food. Lance looked at me like that. He didn't see another fringe performer he saw an obstacle. How was he going to provide quality entertainment to his mostly paying audience while not being upstaged by ... full review
BECKY FLAUM certified reviewer June 11, 2015
So much fun! Peter Michael Marino as Lance is charming, exuberant and devilishly clever as he celebrates and skewers actors, solo shows, musical theatre and so much more. What other show has jokes about suicide AND an abridged version of a beloved musical? Late With Lance is a fringe must see!... full review
This man is a force of nature! A very funny show, full of warmth and wit. The audience is involved so every performance is sure to be unique!... full review
JOHN DENNEHY June 13, 2015
Just saw my friend Peter Michael Marino's solo show, "Late with Lance" at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Run, do not walk, if you can, to catch his entertaining romp on stage as the manic, yet oddly charming aspiring talk show host. As a solo performer Peter is fearless, frenetic and fabulous - so much fun creatively crammed into an hour. His manifestations of his special guests Liza Minelli, Hugh Jackman and Miami Sound Machine must be experienced, lol. Fun, funny and at times quite touching, this is entertainment with a capital E. The 5 minute rendition of one of the world's most beloved musicals is worth the admission fee which is less than a movie ticket. I'm still laughing as I type this. Three remaining shows, Sat, Sun and Monday.... full review
DAVID HARPER June 13, 2015
Go see this show! What a fun ride. This is a show that will have you laughing from the start to way past the finish. I'm still laughing! A stellar performance by a wonderful actor. Immensely entertaining. The musical numbers alone are worth the price. ... full review

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