War for H.I.S.

solo performance · the virginmotherwhore project · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere

The VirginMotherWhore Project proudly presents…

War for H.I.S.: An Evening of 3 One-Woman-Shows

For Humanity:“A Place Called Home” by Satya Vanii

A War on Humanity. Invasion of the Gulf War and the battles through the eyes of a little girl and of the woman she is today.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/aplacecalledhomeshow

For Innocence:“Full Glitz” by Heidi Lux

“Full Glitz” is a one-woman-show exploring the world of child beauty pageants written and performed by Heidi Lux. “Full Glitz” takes us through the experience of six-year-old Kaylee at the Central Coast Miss Magnolia Blossom Pageant, culminating in a very inappropriate Outfit of Choice routine. Inspired by “Toddlers & Tiaras,” “Full Glitz” explores the themes of the over-sexualization of children, perfectionism at any cost, and failed dreams.

For Our Souls:“Be:Jesus+Drugs=Beauty” by Lesley Asistio

“Be” is one woman’s testimony about how God brought her out of the depths of Hell (a.k.a. her drug addiction) and into the Light. God is a fairy-like English woman that takes 7 different recreational drugs through a 7-step recovery program. You’ll meet Mary Jane, Rock, Snow, Molly, Cid, Kay, and Crystal. These drugs (personified) will tell you the tale of Be and her boyfriend Ben, and their addictive personalities and relationship. You’ll never look at rehab the same again! To contact Lesley, you can email her at [email protected].

Directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson
Produced by Mando Alvarado, Julie Taiwo Oni,
& Judy Soohoo.
Stage Managed by Lorraine Zazzaretti
Photography by Vincent Vallejo
Sound Design by Ben Crippin Taylor
Music by Ben Crippin Taylor & Jonathan Grace
Special thanks to Matthew Quinn, Aaron Lyons,
& Theatre Asylum.

ATTENTION: War for H.I.S. is SOLD OUT, but we are adding seats to the theatre to accommodate all patrons on the Wait List, so don’t hesitate to come. Seats are $15 at the door!

Production Team

satya vanii *

solo performer

lesley asistio *

impresario/solo performer

heidi lux *

solo performer

* Fringe Veteran