Satya Vanii

Satya Vanii was born in Kuwait to an Indian father and a Filipino mother.
Though English was the main language in the household, her dad made it a point for her to know Hindi and the school she went to, to know French and Arabic.
Satya has caught the acting bug since she walked out of her mother’s womb watching TV as her main babysitter.
Satya Vanii is an actress and a comedian and has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the play, “Darkness At Dawn”.
Now she debuts with the Hollywood Fringe with her solo show, “A Place Called Home.”
She is a humanitarian, making time to read, empower and perform for children.
Her goal is to have her own foundation and continue to do what makes her happy, putting a smile on peoples’ faces and moving them through her craft, art, stories and making magic happen on screen!

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