Ma Voix: Song of My Youth

solo performance · rachel kiser · Ages 14+ · United States

one person show
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June 20, 2014
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My overall impression

GO GO GO GO GO SEE THIS SHOW!! Rachel Kiser is a beam of light that shines a beautiful rainbow across the stage from start to finish. Her story is compelling and she takes you on a boldly honest journey of how she lost herself and sacrificed the very essence of who she was for what she thought was true love. Watching her story made me think of the Little Mermaid (the original story by Hans Christian Andersen). Rachel is very much like the little mermaid, a bright light of a beautiful soul who gives up everyone and everything she believes in along with her voice and loses who she is just to be with a prince. And all I can say is… thank God, Rachel got her voice back, because we all need to hear it. Not only is her perspective on life unique, refreshing, and totally authentic, but her musical talents are unparalleled! She goes from piano to guitar to singing with such ease, it was as if this woman was born to perform whether through music or through her own incredible storytelling. AND BOY CAN SHE SING. Rachel transitions from musical theatre to rock and roll to ballads to indie folk music with complete effortlessness. Her voice is so, so beautiful. I think there should be a soundtrack of this performance, I would buy it in a heart beat. I left this theatre feeling SO moved. And did I mention that the show is FUNNY? One moment I was in tears and the next I was uncontrollably laughing. This show took me to the depths and heights of human experience. Rachel’s story is so moving and honest. Los Angeles is so lucky to have this bright, shining star gracing the Hollywood Fringe Festival. If you are looking for a show to inspire your spirit and remind you of the importance of holding on to the essence of who you are, go see “Ma Voix”!!

Note: There is also hand crafted original art inspired by the show for sale following the show with all proceeds going to fund Rachel’s upcoming trip to Indonesia to help children. Not only is she is luminous performer but she’s also saving the world.

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