Poetry in Motion; Poetry in Devotion

ensemble theatre · splintered spark collective · Ages 13+ · United States

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June 22, 2014 certified reviewer
tagged as: poetry · music · Love · dance · ensemble

My overall impression

Poetry in Motion is a beautiful piece of theatre! Fortunately this is a transplant from the CSULB Theatre department, and thus the ensemble has a strong foundation of giving and receiving with each other. As an audience member, come ready to receive gifts (metaphorical and otherwise); the brilliant use of props is moving and gives the players tools to send their text. It is a journey, and it does what theatre does best; you are taken along for the ride, and you leave with both catharsis and hope. The lighting and music are perfect for creating the atmosphere of each poem without becoming distracting. It’s not always easy to hear the text of heartbrake, loss, and frustration, but by the end the audience is left remembering that these are events that shape, but do not define us. Only we can do that. A quote from the show: “I am the keeper of keys to this cage, have always been, and will always be.”

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