Total Novice

solo performance · jadelake productions · Ages 18+ · United States

one person show world premiere
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JEREMIAH MURPHY uncertified reviewer June 07, 2014
I went with my wife to see this show and didn't know what to expect. I was very impressed with Mr. Rodwin's engaging performance. The story itself had me on the edge of my seat, waiting to hear what happened next in this funny, touching, and bizarre tale. I highly recommend this show.... full review
CHRISTINA NOVA ZYCH certified reviewer June 07, 2014
Thought provoking, incredible story storytelling! It was hilarious mixed with moments of poetic sadness, creating an interesting reflection on society and human connection.... full review
TRACY LEWIS certified reviewer June 07, 2014
Fantastic, entertaining show--David takes the audience on a wild, unpredictable ride that will keep you thinking long after the show ends. See it!... full review
JAY CIPRIANI certified reviewer June 08, 2014
Excellent show. David Rodwin strikes the perfect balance of humor and drama in bringing this wildly entertaining story to life. See it!... full review
STEVE ALTMAN certified reviewer June 23, 2014
At first, me thinks, this is going to be another guy-going-thru-therapy on stage guised at a one-man-show...but this guy, David Rodwin, had me fairly soon and I was along for the ride...and mean like a real if Disneyland had a Spaced-Mountain-Crack-Whore-Porn-Star ride. First off, the guy is mesmerizing to watch and listen to, and the story that unfolds, uniquely original, and soon after all disbelief is suspended. And as you're listening to the story, you see it cinematically playing out in your mind, it's that visual and visceral. David sings in this and one wishes he would write a rock musical about it. But for me, mostly, I want to see the movie. This is a movie. Cohen Brothers meets Tarantino meets Rodwin. Five Stars!... full review
DANIEL HOUSMAN certified reviewer June 23, 2014
This show takes you on a journey inside the head of a Gen Y guy looking for love, meaning, adventure, and connection in the random corner of the LA nightscape. Rodwin successfully lets you into his mind so you understand his perspective, his self-image, his inner needs... and then introduces you to an encounter with an over-sexed, over-narcotized young woman who is seemingly adept at playing her cards, but is truly a lost little girl with less than a bright future. In a style that is energetic, engrossing, humorous but not glib, Rodwin touches on our need for eros, connection, and the comfort of strangers; and he talks about sexuality without ever being crass. ... full review
SANDI HEMMERLEIN certified reviewer June 08, 2014
tagged as: solo show · funny · touching · moving · drugs · sex
David Rodwin tells the story of one fateful night smoking crack with a porn star in this compelling solo show, which moves beyond the titillation of sex and drugs to show a transformation of character and address themes of loneliness, salvation, abuse, friendship and love. It's a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end, with lots of laughs and even a few tears. Total Novice is surprisingly moving, and David's telling of the story leaves the audience enrapt because he is, in fact, not just telling the story, but reliving it before our very eyes. The subject matter could've been addressed cheaply with easy laughs, but instead, it goes far deeper than you could ever imagine, and leaves those who witness it desperately wanting to know more.... full review
BRENDAN MILBURN uncertified reviewer June 08, 2014
tagged as: drugs · funny · moth · moving · sex · solo show · storytelling · touching
I'm slightly biased, because I read this story when David first developed it as a screenplay several years back, and I liked it very much then. But I must submit that I truly prefer it as a one-man storytelling evening where he acts out the parts - David Rodwin is a truly compelling storyteller, treading the same ground as Mike Daisey and Spalding Gray, but with his own unique brand of humility and an ability to let us in, show his foibles and fears in a way that lets us laugh with him. The story he tells is a gripping one - and if there's one take-away I'd like you to have from this review - it is a VERY WELL-TOLD STORY that pulls you along and keeps you on the edge of your seat. There is profanity, there are descriptions of a couple ... full review
GRETEL ROENFELDT uncertified reviewer June 23, 2014
Some extreme situations, you may not know how you'd behave until you're fully faced with it... David Rodwin found out. Funny, raw, delicate, Total Novice demonstrates the elegance and monstrosity of humanity when at our most desperate. Rodwin's generous performance fully discloses his own vulnerability while maintaining an approachable perspective on topics many find unseemly. Excessively engaging. ... full review
VALERIE VIGODA certified reviewer June 08, 2014
tagged as: solo show · funny · moving · moth · storytelling
I was absolutely riveted by TOTAL NOVICE. I found it alternately hilarious and truly moving, and utterly engaging all the way through. I knew only a little about the subject matter before I got there, and was slightly apprehensive about what it would be like - but I LOVED every minute of this brilliantly honest show. It is tightly constructed, well-crafted and masterfully performed, and I was rooting for David Rodwin from the first minute. RUN, don't walk to this wonderful 75-minute adventure in solo storytelling!!... full review