steve altman

STEVE ALTMAN is an actor/writer/composer living in Los Angeles. He has studied with Stella Adler, Jeffrey Tambor and Michelle Van Hesson of LaMama Theatre. He moved to Hollywood when Motown came knokcin’, writing songs for Jose Feliciano and Smokey Robinson…then for Disney, HBO and NASA! Steve wrote and directed ‘Duality’ to 5 star reviews at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe ( as well as the John Lennon musical, “Just Imagine’” ( “The Time Machine” is a project that began after watching the 1961 film and JC Superstar in the same day. He is thrilled to be working with Josh Fardon and Tara Raucci as well as with the Hollywood Fringe. And a big shout out to Dave Fofi and the Elephant Stageworks Theatre Company. And Wendy!

Once Upon The First

It's a story about Asian American children figuring out who they are and how to be themselves!


Buckle your seat belts as the creatures of Vanessa’s inner world take you on the flight of her life! UPROOTED is a fantastical, mythological tale that explores themes of finding home, eating disorder recovery, bullying and finding your voice.