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ensemble theatre · dmr productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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MARSHA METZ certified reviewer June 08, 2014
If you want to feel like a fly on the wall in a real life drama EDDIE is the play for you. I could not stand up fast enough to give these four extremely talented actors and the writer/director a standing ovation at the end of this play. Spartan sets together with well-chosen music between scenes drawing on some great jazz pieces effectively transition the audience in this carefully crafted play concerning a finite period in the life of Eddie (Adam Hale). EDDIE like the name suggests tells the story of a child but this one is a twenty something man-child who unbeknownst to himself is looking someday to be an Ed or an Edward. Eddie has a lot of growing up and soul searching to do on the bridge of life and we get to partake in a two-year jo... full review
TOM DRAPER certified reviewer June 08, 2014
tagged as: Eddie
A beautifully written play with some REALLY good performances. Eddie strikes the perfect balance between pathos and dark comedy. I was really moved by this piece, which I gotta say does not happen much when I go see theater. Definitely check it out. ... full review
ELLEN GOLDWASSER certified reviewer June 25, 2014
A modern, layered play... entertaining, funny and moving. Adam Hale's performance is a standout... He holds the stage and you can't stop watching him - All the performances are terrific... HBO for theater! Off Broadway for LA... Thought provoking-Highly recommend!... full review
DAVID ROSENBERG certified reviewer June 27, 2014
A surprising work of depth from playwright David Robinette. Eddie examines - with black humor and layered drama - our need for connection. Just when you think you know where the play is going, there are wonderful discoveries and deeper reveals along the way. The tech credits and company was topnotch -- hey New York theater scene, this is one puppy you would want to house. Suzanne Kent Founding member, The Groundlings... full review
ALEN WOOD June 13, 2014
tagged as: talented
We had so much fun! What a GREAT job! Great story and direction. The entire cast gave a multilayered and memorable performance. We highly recommend this play to anyone who wants to sit back comfortably and enjoy good theatre! Fun, memorable and real! ... full review
ANTHONY MONTES June 14, 2014
Just saw EDDIE by the very talented David Robinette at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and I Loved it. Congratulations to David, Desi, Kimberly, India and Adam and well organized Stage Managers that kept everything moving. Hope you have a very successful run. Great music as well. Keep on Writing and Directing, David. Theater needs your voice and your eye.... full review
I was invited to see EDDIE not knowing what to expect. What a treat. It was truly entertaining. Well written and well acted. It will leave you and your friends with a lot to talk about afterwards. A play not to be missed. Congratulations to David Robinette and his actors.... full review
I went to Eddie with a friend, not really knowing if it would be my kind of play, but WOW! I was really delighted by this sweet, funny and touching drama about a young man who's only able to begin finding peace with his life through the different relationships he has with three very different women. This play felt very real, I think most women I know of have dated an Eddie at some point, and most of us have probably related to someone in the ways these three women relate to him. The cast was perfect, but I really need to mention what a compelling lead the actor Adam Hale is, we're going to be seeing more of this kid in the future! The writing is also very solid, it never seemed like I was watching lines of dialogue (which happens too muc... full review
URSULA MARIA June 16, 2014
Do yourself a favor and watch this play. It's entertaining and you will laugh a lot but more importantly it will make you think. I found myself thinking about it afterwards for a while and it is the best thing I have seen in a long time! Go and see for yourself! :) ... full review
KRISTI JEROME June 17, 2014
I went to see my good friend, India Dupre (whom I already knew was a great actress) in the play "Eddie" last weekend, but was beyond impressed with the performances of the entire cast. Very talented people. I was really invested in the story (very well written!)…I highly recommend spending an hour and a half of your day watching these people. :)... full review

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