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MARSHA METZ certified reviewer June 08, 2014
If you want to feel like a fly on the wall in a real life drama EDDIE is the play for you. I could not stand up fast enough to give these four extremely talented actors and the writer/director a standing ovation at the end of this play. Spartan sets together with well-chosen music between scenes drawing on some great jazz pieces effectively transition the audience in this carefully crafted play concerning a finite period in the life of Eddie (Adam Hale). EDDIE like the name suggests tells the story of a child but this one is a twenty something man-child who unbeknownst to himself is looking someday to be an Ed or an Edward. Eddie has a lot of growing up and soul searching to do on the bridge of life and we get to partake in a two-year jo... full review
TOM DRAPER certified reviewer June 08, 2014
tagged as: Eddie
A beautifully written play with some REALLY good performances. Eddie strikes the perfect balance between pathos and dark comedy. I was really moved by this piece, which I gotta say does not happen much when I go see theater. Definitely check it out. ... full review
ELLEN GOLDWASSER certified reviewer June 25, 2014
A modern, layered play... entertaining, funny and moving. Adam Hale's performance is a standout... He holds the stage and you can't stop watching him - All the performances are terrific... HBO for theater! Off Broadway for LA... Thought provoking-Highly recommend!... full review
DAVID ROSENBERG certified reviewer June 27, 2014
A surprising work of depth from playwright David Robinette. Eddie examines - with black humor and layered drama - our need for connection. Just when you think you know where the play is going, there are wonderful discoveries and deeper reveals along the way. The tech credits and company was topnotch -- hey New York theater scene, this is one puppy you would want to house. Suzanne Kent Founding member, The Groundlings... full review
MATT CHECKOWSKI certified reviewer June 29, 2014
One of the most refreshing nights out in a long time. The performances we're absolutely captivating and a testament to the power of small-room, independent theatre where it feels as if you're actually sitting in the living rooms, cafés and hallways of Eddie's escapades. Some great talent on stage: it felt natural and real, but with enough energy and comedic touch to power through a slightly repetitive second act. Which was well worth it: the lasting impression of the show is an impressionistic portrait of a nice guy trying to find (and force?) his muse. Great all around. ... full review
RACHEL RYAN certified reviewer June 29, 2014
I loved this show and did not want the 90 minutes to come to an end. India Dupre made me laugh out loud and brought me into her talented world of the art of acting. Great, great show!! I wish there were a few more so I could get friends to go and see it!!... full review
GRACE LEE certified reviewer June 30, 2014
Eddie is a story told by fantastic actors (Adam Hale, India Dupre, Kimberly Alu, Desi Givanova) where even the silent moments tell you their secrets. You forget you're watching a play because they bring you into their world, with their permission, to experience the ups and downs of learning and life. It is written and directed by an extremely talented individual, David Robinette, who successfully incorporates the story with raw emotions, where in one moment, one laughs aloud and in the next, one holds their breath. Bravo! ... full review
J R certified reviewer June 22, 2014
tagged as: funny · comedy · sexy · women · drama · writing · performances · fun
We attended the June 20th performance of EDDIE. EDDIE is a fantastic experience! Extremely well written and acted. A roller-coaster ride that's sweet, sexy, heat wrenching, visually shocking, and with tons of laughs. This play moves. Every minute has something to offer - pitch perfect performances, quick and witty dialogue exchanges, dark-comedy laughs throughout, beautifully awkward moments between Eddie and the women in his life, and the crazy shocking visual near the end... I won't spoil it, but it had half the audience averting their eyes, and the entire theater in an uproar. Hilarious! Do yourself a favor, plays like this don't come around often. ... full review
MICHELLE FAY certified reviewer July 27, 2014
A brilliantly written play. It's touching yet funny! Makes you reflect on life and that you're really not alone. Everyone has their hurt and pain that they carry in their hearts but it's up to you and your attitude in life is how your future will ride out. The actor's are excellent!! Good choice in music. I would go see it again! ... full review