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ensemble theatre · the ceiling people · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

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ERIC CIRE June 24, 2014
Last year, one of my two favorite pieces produced at the Fest was It's Important to Leave, As Well, the debut piece by Joshua Morrison and an intricate and beautiful examination of the way that art can operate as both a way to mark distance between people, a barrier to hide behind, and a way to bring people together on both intimate and broad terms. Yoshiba carries some similar themes, and while I feel the production is a bit more raw than last years show, it loses nothing in terms of theme, cleverness, and strong performances from great actors. Whereas last year used art as it's proxy to human interaction, Yoshiba uses the ever-popular debate about technology as it's macguffin, and does it to great effect. In much the same vein, it explor... full review
HEATHER POUNDSTONE certified reviewer June 14, 2014
This was a great show! My friends and I really enjoyed it! Great writing and kept us interested throughout! Josh Green was amazing!! All the actors were very talented!!! It was very entertaining!!... full review
ERIN MOORE June 15, 2014
Playwright Josh Morrison follows last years hit, It's Important To Leave, As Well with another equally well written, engaging show. Yoshiba is an under an hour show with a talented cast. Stand out lead actress Annie Wolfe beautifully creates a character that everyone can resonate with at some point in their life. Yoshiba is definitely worth seeing at Fringe this year!... full review
I really enjoyed this show! It's the perfect length for a Fringe show for one thing - a little less than an hour. The performances are fantastic all around and the writing is interesting and thought-provoking. It's a fascinating look into our tech-dependent society that makes it so easy to miss out on real world connections. Really great work all around!... full review
CHRISTOPHER LOOP certified reviewer June 18, 2014
This piece hit close to home, having worked in support for years, so biased as I might be I would say this was excellent. An excellent look at technology and support in this modern age, filled with laughs and a focused message. The cast was flawless. Well done, all around.... full review
JUDI DEETZ certified reviewer June 30, 2014
This play captured my attention from the beginning! ... full review
BEN ATKINSON June 20, 2014
Sharp dialogue coupled with equally sharp performances make this thought-provoking reflection on our impersonalized digital culture worth both your time and money. Aside from that, and aside from the utter joy of seeing Annie Wolf on stage (finally), anything else I have to say about Yoshiba would actually be to contribute to the discussion that the content presents... which doesn't necessarily make for a fun review to read, but should tell you that it is compelling in a way that both includes and transcends this production. So go see it, hit me up, and we'll have us a discussion.... full review
JIM MARTYKA certified reviewer June 21, 2014
I saw this show a couple weeks ago and its still sticking with me. The stage is full of theatre veterans so the acting is very good and the direction is clever. But the main attribute to this play is the writing. There is a wonderful abstraction to Josh Morrison's writing, a convolution with purpose, I feel. The main thrust of his writing, the thru-line isn't as clear on first glance...and that's the beauty of it. It allows the viewer to find little gems, ponder what he's seen for days (or weeks) and connect the very important and poignant dots and come to his own conclusions about the meaning behind the material. He did the same thing with last year's Fringe hit "It's Important to Leave, As Well" and with "Yoshiba," Morrison is proving to b... full review
JAKE SMITH June 22, 2014
Josh Morrison is a goddamned genius. The guy can just flat out write. Smart, funny, touching, whatever. He can make the words do the things he wants them to do, and that is such a rare talent. The cast is perfect. They each grab their roles by the throat for each moment they are on stage, and give very honest and vulnerable performances. I really enjoyed this!... full review
DEIDRE MOORE June 22, 2014
Loved it! The cast and the writing! Go see it!... full review


Sometimes love becomes transparent, but is it too late? Through the course of one evening, Nick and Alysha ultimately remind themselves how deep their love is. A knock on the door, however, brings the world crashing down around them.


Can we ever stop paying for the past? Can the person we want to be ever escape the person we are now and were then? What price must be paid for not only our own crimes, but those of people close to us?